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Fibromyalgia: My Health Journey

Recently I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a multi system chronic condition that is characterised by chronic widespread pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, digestive complaints and depression. For a sufferer of Fibromyalgia, stress is a major driving force in exasperating symptoms. It is a lifelong condition (there is no cure) but with a range of therapeutic care, symptoms can be managed and even improved. It sounds like a lot, and it is. It has felt like I’d stumbled into a dimly lit tunnel filled with physical and psychological challenges coupled with medical puzzles that needed a large brains trust to solve. I’ve been in this tunnel a long time, but have now stepped into some sunlight. Rather than being completely devastated by this diagnosis, I felt a huge sense of relief, validation and overwhelming gratitude. For my persistent struggle with extreme fatigue, insomnia, digestive complaints, low moods and pain have for the past 7 years made me question my sanity, and doubt my capabil

Faithful to the Task

  I have always loved ‘doing up’ old things. There is something very satisfying about giving new life and love to something that was deemed worthless. Being a visual thinker, I can imagine what that old piece of furniture will look like when I take it from the side of the road and work some magic. I see potential, even when others do not.   My current project is a chair. What excited me most, was the possibility of doing a tapestry seat cover. I could see the finished product sitting in my living room and to this end I’ve been motivated. If you’ve ever done a tapestry, or seen one up close, you’ll know that the overall picture is made up of hundreds of connecting stitches. There are no gaps; every inch is filled with woven colour.  I like to begin a picture with the most interesting, colourful part. A place that will quickly show form and distinction. It’s exciting to piece together lots of different colours and have the instant gratification of seeing what your picture is going to loo